Mobile Web Development

Speaking of performance optimization, we may soon be able to say a lot of optimization tools, such as reducing the size of the picture, reducing the number of connections, streamline the code, etc., need to pay attention to is, in the Wap side, picture merging and png8 instead of static gif The optimization is not applicable. Here are a few simple optimization options:


Keep the file size shorter

Due to the limited memory available on mobile devices, we should make the document as short as possible. However, because XHTML MP is different from WML, it can not support multiple “cards” in a single document, so dividing the content into multiple separate pages will slow down the load. Therefore, all relevant information should be combined in the same page, and use the segment anchor to help jump to the relevant section.

Keep useful documents for shorter methods include:

1. Do not include long comments in your code.

2. Use indents rather than spaces when indenting, or do not use indentation. The more space, the more the document size increases! (It is important to ensure that there is no extra blank area in the code. Although the blank area is not visible on the screen, it will still be processed because the browser will analyze, layout, css and display the blank area.