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UK eligibility change for CSS?

Yesterday I tried to renew our CSS online, but at the end of the process I was told that the request could not be completed, and to contact our CPAM.
I tried several times again, entering “European” for the nationality and changing a few other options, but nothing made a difference.
I downloaded the complaint form to email, but later saw on another forum that someone else had a similar problem, and their CPAM told me that ‘UK migrants’, holders of an S1, were no longer eligible to apply for CSS.
I noticed that the list of “European” countries on the claim form has changed since last year and no longer includes UK, so I started looking for verification of that.

I couldn’t find any specific mention of a change, but just read the information here, which seems to have changed since last year. Complementary solidarity health: who can benefit from it and how?

The part that applies to our situation is as follows:

To apply for complementary health insurance, you must:

benefit from health insurance
and does not exceed the maximum resource limit.

Unfortunately, as S1 holders, I assume that we are not directly affiliated with health insurance; some of our medical expenses are paid for by them, but are reimbursed by the UK government, previously as EU citizens, now under WA. We do not pay SS contributions or CSG – CRDS on our income, and we verify this each year by ticking the appropriate boxes on our tax return.
As we are no longer EU citizens since Brexit, we seem to have been granted CSS for the last couple of years due to a loophole which is being closed as our situation was apparently not covered by the WA.

Probably nobody thought of it. What a surprise ! Thanks Boris.