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The CSS volleyball team hopes for a good start to the season

Saturday marked the start of pre-season and the first practice for the St. Scholastica volleyball team.

The team is hoping for a healthier season after adversity last year led to a 3-8 conference record.

“The goal is to be healthy, we started with MONO, Covid, Bronchitis, Covid, MONO. We’ve been a mess all season from the moment they came in. That’s why we want to put 2021-22 behind us, and this season is coming just eager to begin. I think we’re going to do it, I think we’re in a position where we’re going to be healthy and that’s going to be key,” head coach Dana Moore said.

“Especially as this is our last year, we want to do everything we can to stay healthy. Now we know that if something is thrown at us, we know how to deal with it, improve and continue to play our game,” added senior captain Katie Brostrom.

The Saints’ first scrimmage is next Saturday, Aug. 27, against rivals UW-Superior. The first service taking place at 9:00 a.m.

The team then heads to Claremont, California, for the Pacific Coast Classic on September 2.