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the Tailwind CSS Laravel parcel of Tony Messias concludes the Standalone CLI version of the Tailwind CSS framework for Laravel applications.

If you’re unfamiliar with the purpose of the standalone Tailwind CSS CLI, the announcement about it explains:

Tailwind CSS is written in JavaScript and distributed as an npm package, which means you always had to install Node.js and npm to use it.

This made it harder to integrate into projects where using npm isn’t always common, and with tools like Tracks and Phoenix both moving away from npm by default, we needed to find a way for people to use Tailwind in these projects without forcing them into an entirely separate toolset ecosystem.

Today we announce a new standalone CLI build which gives you all the power of Tailwind CLI in a standalone executable – no Node.js or npm required.

This package provides convenience commands such as installing, scaffolding, creating and minifying Tailwind builds through the standalone CLI:

1# Download the correct CLI based on OS/CPU arch

2php artisan tailwindcss:download


4# Install the scaffolding (tailwindcss.config.js, app.css, etc.)

5php artisan tailwindcss:install


7# Build styles

8php artisan tailwindcss:build [--digest|--minify]


10# Watch for changes during development

11php artisan tailwindcss:watch

Finally, this package also comes with a tailwindcss() helper function to make assets compiled instead of mix() for node.js environments:

1<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ tailwindcss('css/app.css') }}" >

You can read more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub at tonysm/tailwindcss-laravel.