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Swiss insurance group CSS with over 1.6 million customers launches CSS coin on Tezos Ecoo app


The Swiss insurance group CSS has more than 1.6 million customers in Switzerland and achieved a sales volume of more than 6.5 billion USD in 2020.

Since September, customers with CSS supplementary insurance can buy CSS coins worth 20, 50 or 100 Swiss francs. (1 Fr. CHF is equivalent to approximately 1.01 USD)

The coins are only half their redeemable value, which means CSS policyholders can purchase them at a 50% discount. (100 CHF Fr. coins can be purchased for 50 CHF Fr.)

Coins can be redeemed at companies that are part of the CSS Partner Network.

In the current phase, the partner network includes 23 organizations from the Lucerne region, such as the Lucerne City Gymnastics Club, Friedli’s Markthalle, Allmend indoor swimming pool and the be in balance practice.

Other interested partners in Lucerne can apply through the CSS Coin website.

If the current phase proves successful, a national program will be launched, unique in Switzerland.


The goal of this program is to encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. As we all know, an insurance company pays for hospital bills, rehabilitation programs and health related expenses.

If people lead healthier lives, they will have less risk of disease, illness and injury. Which in turn means that, statistically, the insurance company won’t need as many health-related bills.

Offering their customers a 50% discount on health-related products and activities is an investment in people’s health and reduces health risks for CSS customers. This translates into a win-win for CSS and its customers.


The Ecoo app allows organizations to create conditional tokens on the Tezos blockchain that can be tailored to specific user needs.

This means that tokens can be made available to a limited group of people (e.g. only people with a certain health care policy), and subsequently made redeemable to a specific group of people. businesses.

A wide variety of use cases can be addressed this way:

– Tourism: customers can pay with “Tourism Coins” in certain shops, railways and companies.

– Events or festivals, where visitors pay with coins, while partners, for example a food stand, collect event currency via the app.

– Companies wishing to offer their employees meal vouchers not only for the canteen, but also for the neighboring bakery or the ephemeral restaurant on the corner.

– Health insurance which credits the insured with “health points” which can be exchanged with selected partners. This simplifies the organization of partnerships in the health sector, for example in the field of health promotion.

The Ecoo app has already been used by two Swiss cities will distribute Covid relief funds.

Last week, XTZ News published an article about the ClimaCoin program which aims to raise awareness of climate-related issues in Switzerland through a mobile game from Climapower which allows players to earn ClimaCoins which can be redeemed at specific stores in Switzerland. .

Ecoo also won 3 prizes as part of the “Best of Swiss Apps Awards”.