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SK Siltron CSS Announces $ 300 Million Michigan Expansion to Support Electric Vehicle Growth

SK Siltron CSS manufactures a special silicon carbide (SiC) wafer that can be used in solid-state power components in electric vehicles. SiC wafers are more efficient at handling high power and conducting heat than normal silicon. When used in EV system components, this feature can allow a more efficient transfer of electricity from the battery to the engine, increasing the range of an EV by 5-10%.

“The growing popularity of electric vehicles is pushing the automotive industry to seek out new, innovative technologies to meet customer demand,” said Jianwei dong, CEO of SK Siltron CSS. “Our expansion into Michigan will allow us to manufacture advanced materials that can improve the performance of an electric vehicle and support the growth of a more sustainable automotive future. “

SK Siltron CSS’s expansion, awaiting national and local approvals, is part of a new national supply chain that is forming to provide the components required to support new environmentally friendly vehicles.

“As we move towards a more sustainable future, it is important that we create new, robust supply chains in the United States to support our businesses and the end consumer. The automotive industry has a tremendous opportunity with the rise of the electric vehicle, and we are excited to see companies like SK Siltron CSS grow to help support the transition to a green future, ”said US Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo.

The company will work closely with state and local partners to recruit and train potential employees. Of the new hires, 70 percent will be skilled workers while 30 percent will be professional engineers.

SK Siltron, a global manufacturer of semiconductor wafers based in South Korea, acquired the Michigan silicon carbide wafer business in 2019 and established SK Siltron CSS as a US subsidiary. SK Siltron CSS has since doubled its workforce by Michigan, currently employing about 130 skilled workers and professional engineers.

SK Siltron’s silicon carbide wafer technology CSS has benefited from its close collaboration and direct access to SK Siltron’s high-volume manufacturing (HVM) expertise in increasing the production of semi-wafers. conductors. These silicon carbide inserts can be used in EV system components including power converters, chargers and inverters. In addition to helping increase the range of electric vehicles, the electrical and thermal properties of silicon carbide can help reduce charge times, ease system cooling requirements, and reduce module size and weight. power supply.

SK Siltron is part of SK Group, one of that of South Korea main conglomerates. SK Group companies have expanded their presence in the United States with multi-billion dollar investments in their own businesses and partnerships in renewable energy and sustainable technologies.

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