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Senior recruitment at CSS Assure | Midlands Business News

CSS Assure, a Birmingham-based cybersecurity company, has appointed an information security officer.

The newly created role involves Doug Lucktaylor, who has over 20 years of IT and security experience, leading and building CSS Assure’s cybersecurity and data protection team, as well as working with directors to develop the business strategy of the company.

Lucktaylor spent two decades working his way up to the UK and NEA cluster security manager at aerospace, defence, transport and security company Thales Group, before joining Norm Cyber ​​in June 2020 as Customer Experience Manager.

He said: “I am delighted to have joined CSS Assure at such a critical time in the company’s growth plans.

“I look forward to building and leading our cybersecurity and data protection team, and ensuring that we can create products and services that secure our customers’ digital lives and make them resilient in this digital world by constant evolution.

“CSS Assure’s people-centric culture has been a real draw. It’s ingrained in the business and I’m a big believer in empowering people to be the best they can be. I’m very lucky to have had great mentors when I started my career and I strongly believe in paying for it and training the next generation of cybersecurity experts in the field.”

Charlotte Riley, Director of Security and Information Technology, added, “Doug’s technical knowledge and customer service expertise will be a real asset to CSS Assure as we seek to grow the consultancy.”