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Rajender Meghwar becomes Pakistan’s first Hindu ASP

KARACHI: A man named Rajender Meghwar became the first Hindu to qualify for the CSS exams.

Hailing from Badin district, Rajender Meghwar qualified for the CSS exam in 2021 and passed it with distinction. He also performed well in the interview. He was assigned a police group and will now be a proud member of the PSP.

Hindus are minorities in the country among which Meghwars are the backward caste and often face societal problems but these youth have broken down barriers and proved that nothing is impossible if you have the will. Many social media users were happy and congratulated the newly elected CSS candidate for his success.

In September 2019, a Hindu girl was inducted into the Sindh Police Force after passing the provincial competitions. Human rights activist Kapil Dev shared the news saying, “Pushpa Kolhi has become the first girl from #Hindu community to be qualified in provincial competition by Sindh Public Service Commission and become under -Deputy Inspector (ASI) Sindh Police. More power for her! Dev tweeted.

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In January 2019, Suman Pawan Bodani who belongs to the Hindu community was appointed as a civil and judicial magistrate judge. Bodani hails from Shahdadkot region and was ranked 54th on the merit list for Civil Judge/Judicial Magistrate appointment.

In an interview, Bodani said she was from an underdeveloped rural area of ​​Sindh, where she saw poor people struggling to cope with various challenges. She added that her family, including her father and siblings, gave her all their support, which helped her achieve her dream of becoming a judge.

Hindus form the largest minority community in Pakistan. According to official estimates, 75 lakh Hindus live in Pakistan. However, according to the community, more than 90 lakh Hindus live in the country. The majority of the Hindu population is settled in the province of Sindh where they share culture, traditions and language with their fellow Muslims.