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Qorvo and SK Siltron CSS Announce Long-Term Silicon Carbide Supply Agreement

Greenboro- Qorvo (Nasdaq: QRVO), a leading global provider of connectivity and power solutions, and SK Siltron CSS, a manufacturer of semiconductor wafers, today announced that they have finalized a multi-year supply agreement for bare and epitaxial silicon carbide (SiC) wafers.

This agreement will support the resilience of the national semiconductor supply chain and greater ability to meet the growing demand for advanced silicon carbide solutions, particularly in the automotive market. This agreement will also provide end-user customers with a level of protection and confidence as customers adopt from Qorvo Industry leading SiC Gen 4 FET solutions.

SiC devices are more efficient at handling high powers and conducting heat than traditional silicon. When used in electric vehicle (EV) system components, it allows more efficient transfer of electricity from the battery to the motor, increasing the range of an EV by 5% to 10%.

About SK Siltron CSS

SK Siltron CSS partners with global semiconductor manufacturers by providing state-of-the-art compound semiconductor wafer solutions. A subsidiary of South Korea based SK Siltrona part of the SK GroupSK Siltron CSS is able to leverage the global resources available within the SK Group to achieve its vision of transforming the world through sustainable compound semiconductor solutions.

About SK Group

SK Group, South Korea second-largest conglomerate, is a collection of industry-leading global companies innovating in semiconductors, sustainable energy, telecommunications and life sciences. Situated at SeoulSK invests in building sustainable businesses around the world with a shared commitment to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the use of renewable energy.

The combined SK businesses have over $139 billion of worldwide annual turnover and employ more than 100,000 people worldwide. Saskatchewan companies are investing billions of dollars in expanding their WE presence with commercial operations or partnerships in hydrogen energy and fuel cells, EV battery manufacturing and technology, energy storage solutions, pharmaceutical manufacturing and development, semiconductors and materials advances.

About Qorvo

Qorvo (Nasdaq: QRVO) provides innovative semiconductor solutions that make a better world possible. We combine product and technology leadership, systems-level expertise, and global manufacturing scale to quickly solve our customers’ most complex technical challenges. Qorvo serves various high-growth segments of major global markets, including consumer electronics, smart home/IoT, automotive, electric vehicles, battery-powered devices, network infrastructure, healthcare and aerospace/ defense.

Qorvo is a registered trademark of Qorvo, Inc. in the WE and in other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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