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NYSC Corps Member Brings CSS Ogaminana Library to Life

What was once described as a dilapidated and abandoned secondary school library, located at Adavi LGA of Kogi State, has been revived and made functional for use by students and teachers.

This development was made possible by an active member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Mr. Ebiem Emmanuel, through a Personal Community Development (CDS) service project.

The project which is the revival and reactivation of the Community Secondary School in Ebira, Ogaminana was part of his passion to positively impact the people and education of the youth of the community as well as foster unity national; one of the goals of National Youth Service Corp.

Although it was not his main duty station (PPA), he observed the need to rehabilitate the library during a visit to the school.

Mr. Emmanuel then sought approval from the NYSC to start the project which was granted on October 18, 2021. Additionally, as part of the exercise, he met with community leaders who appreciated him and promised to support the project because it is commendable.

The CSS Ogaminana community in Adavi did not disappoint Emmanuel, support was received from many leaders in the LGA and beyond. Engineer Dr. Abdulmalik Ibrahim Onuwe and Engr. Lasisi Lawal Salami among others provided financial support while Proudly Anebira Group through the efforts of Mr. Mohammed Bougei Attah, MBA and Engr. Momohjimoh Ondeku has contributed greatly to the donation of textbook volumes.

Also, the National Iron Ore Mining Company (NIOMCO), Itakpe supported with panes. Thanks to the support received, more than 95% of the broken windows have been replaced, the noggins and the ceilings have been replaced and the roof has been patched. Concrete work on a broken section of the floor was also carried out and books counting more than 2000 donations were rearranged on the shelves of the library.

Speaking after the successful display of the books in the library, in front of teachers and hundreds of students at the school, Emmanuel said, “I am expecting more support and in my absence after my year of service which is February 2022. I hope that the school management will continue to receive support from well-meaning people to help young people.

Photo credits: ENF Newsline