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Miami-Dade County Selects CSS IMPACT Financial Ecosystem Cloud as Credit and Collections Management Platform | national news

WOODLAND HILLS, CA., February 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Miami-Dade County Department of Finance Selects CSS IMPACT Financial Cloud Ecosystem as its “NextGen” Credit Management and Collections Platform, “IMPACT | HD 2.0”. CSS, Inc., the developers of “IMPACT | HD 2.0”, is the leading provider of “NextGen” cloud financial collection and ecosystem platforms with its fully integrated omnichannel digital engagement subsystems that include AI (artificial intelligence) voice agent bots, text and email digital engagement broadcasters, ACD Dialer, with voice and chat bots communicating in a human-like natural language format that will answer common questions , respond to incoming chats and text messages, accept and negotiate payments, verify consumers, and much more – specifically to cater to government as well as private businesses in the financial services industry.

CSS’s Cloud Collections Ecosystem platform removes the prohibitive costs of acquiring “NextGen” omnichannel credit and debt management technology, enabling system administrators to automate and improve critical day-to-day processes. Metropolitan municipalities, such as the City and County of San Franciscothe county of Santa Clara (home of Silicon Valley), and now Miami Dade Countyall leverage CSS Financial Cloud technology to deliver a centralized enterprise system with built-in, enterprise-ready automation and a frictionless “Digital First” customer engagement platform while efficiently streamlining resources in the county’s workforce, with greater emphasis on revenue management strategies and customer care.

Miami Dade is a growing technology hub, ranging from entrepreneurial technology startups, regional companies and Fortune 500 companies. The local industry includes companies active in the following sectors: digital media, logistics technology, data centers, administrative support technology , simulation technology, mobile applications, computer science technology and tourism technology. In keeping with this rapidly changing industry, professionals are taking advantage of the growing number of networking events and conferences that bring together entrepreneurs, investors and coaching professionals looking to capitalize on new products and services.

The county’s selection of cloud-based financial ecosystem platform CSS Collections aligns with its commitment to invoke next-generation digital technology and processes to improve service to its citizens.

“CSS is truly honored to have been selected by the County of Miami Dade for the implementation of our “NextGen” digital collection financial ecosystem. The CSS IMPACT financial ecosystem will allow the county to leverage our suite of credit and debt management automation tools to streamline business processes efficiently and seamlessly, while delivering a digital customer service experience. to its citizens. We are extremely excited about this partnership and look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with Miami Dade County,” noted Carl A. BrigantiPresident of CSS, Inc.

To learn more about how municipalities benefit from the CSS cloud financial ecosystem, please download our brochure at http://brochure.cssimpact.com or visit us at http://www.cssimpact.com or call 877.277.4621.

On Miami Dade County – Financial department

Miami Dade County is the seventh most populous county in United States with an estimated population of 2.7 million. It is also florida third-largest county by area, at 1,946 square miles. The county seat is Miamithe main city of South Florida.

Miami Dade County is one of the three counties of South Florida who make up the Miami-ft. Lauderdale-West Palm Beach Metropolitan area.

One of Miami Dade County strategic advantages is the Americas NAP, one of the few Tier 1 network access points in the world and a high-speed connection for data, voice and video traffic across the Americas and Europe. Other data centers include Telefonica United StatesColoHouse, QTS and Miami Data Vault.

For more information, please visit https://www.miamidade.gov

About CSS, Inc.

CSS is a leading provider of end-to-end cloud financial ecosystem platforms and contact center solutions focused on machine learning “Ai” (artificial intelligence) Digital consumer engagement with virtual agents d ‘Built-in conversional AIs that can accept payments, negotiate, and answer common business questions that generate and manage receivables, payments, collections, and mass revenue. By providing cloud-based cognitive technology for financial ecosystems, CSS helps municipalities and businesses improve and automate all of their day-to-day financial, consumer engagement, and business processes. For more information, download our brochure at http://brochure.cssimpact.com or visit us at http://www.cssimpact.com or call 877.277.4621.

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