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Meet the youngest candidate to pass the CSS in the history of Pakistan Customs

NEW YORK – Success follows in the footsteps of those who work hard with patience and perseverance in any area of ​​life and aspire to do something in the future. And, of course, hard work and commitment drive those who constantly strive to reach their destination.

Mahrukh Chohan, 23, a resident of Mohallah Islamabad in Tehsil Kharian of Gujrat district in Pakistan, has also achieved great success by getting the 73rd position in the CSS exam this year 2022. She was awarded CSS (50th Common ) Pakistan Customs Service Group (PCS).

Mrs. Mahrukh Chohan has also attained a unique record in that she is not only the youngest candidate in the history of Pakistan Customs Service this year, but also the youngest candidate to pass the CSS exam in history. of Pakistan Customs Service Group. She made her first attempt at the age of 23 and prepared without going to any academy.

Mahrukh Chohan is the daughter of former Pakistan Army Major (r) Muhammad Akhtar Abid Chohan. She studied in various cantonments of Pakistan because of the transfer of her father during her studies, she changed a dozen high schools. But despite this, she continued on her way to success.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Daily Pakistani On WhatsApp, Chohan said his family is mainly from Islamabad in the Kharian tehsil of Pakistan’s Gujrat district, but has lived in Bahawalpur for ten years. She has two sisters and a brother.

One of the older sisters is a doctor. She recently did FCPS (first part). While the younger sister is in the fourth year of MBBS. And the younger brother is a Quran (Hafiz) memorizer and a freshman.

Referring to her academic credentials, she said, “She has a BS in Accounting and Finance from National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Islamabad. She was due to graduate in 2020 but did not complete her final semester. in time. The university was closed for code-19, then later the university took the exam online.”

Chohan mentioned that she started preparing for CSS during the Covid pandemic. In a way, compassion turned out to be a good thing for me because I was lucky enough to qualify CSS. In June 2020 I graduated and in February 2021 I submitted my CSS papers, she said.

The inspirational girl added, “She did all the preparations herself. There is no regular academy in Bahawalpur, which prepares CSS candidates. That is why I did all the preparations with the internet help.

“I did all the CSS preparations on my own.”

Whatever material you find on the internet these days. Material related to an article is readily available. You hardly need to go anywhere else. When I finally made all the preparations. A month before the exam, I checked my papers in the style of mock exams at a local regular academy.”

The difficult stage of the CSS written exam is generally considered a 200 point essay and accuracy test, as 98% of candidates fail the essay and accuracy in the written test. How did you prepare it? In this regard, Chohan said that she also prepared this part by myself.

“However, I used to take the help of an online English teacher for essay writing, on whom I used to write essays while practicing writing essays. He was checking my homework and pointing out mistakes. On accuracy, I worked hard. Because later when the exam was, the paper as well as the price paper was also very difficult. Most Candidates fail in the subjects of the English part.I was well aware of this, so I did my best to prepare myself.

When asked if she passed on the CSS in a will or if her family inspired her to do so, Chohan said: “Since childhood, I had a passion to grow up to be a lawyer or a judge. The idea of ​​doing CSS came to me after matriculation and I had to do it.”

After Inter, she also obtained a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance and business management, because having these subjects in CSS would benefit her.

Another thing she saw her father in the army. “I was interested. That’s what I decided to do.”

However, her other two sisters are doctors.

Is it difficult to pass CSS?

In response to this, Mahrukh said that she thinks that apart from studying and reading books, it is a test of your nerve on how much pressure you can bear more than reading books etc. in the preparation of the CSS. “At least six or seven months, you sit in the room for preparations. You prepare for exams, while your other classmates are busy with assignments or other questions, and you go from exam to exam. the other, which is quite a bearable task.”

Chohan says the CSS journey isn’t easy. “It takes motivation, positive thinking and commitment. You have to read every day. Then, during the exam, you have a lot less time for one assignment after another. It’s time management. It’s not at all impossible but of course difficult.”

What optional subjects did you take in CSS?

In addition to compulsory subjects, she took courses in accounting, business administration, sociology, gender studies and Indo-Pakistani history.

How was the interview after the written test?

Chohan says his interview was very good. “It was a twenty-five minute interview. I scored 170 out of 200. There were four people on the interview panel who were very helpful during the interview.”

“If I got stuck or forgot they would ask the same question from another angle. If I said sorry sir! They try to say that’s what happened that year. That incident also happened the same year. This is what I remember. my interview was about the history of Indo-Pak. Many other side questions were also asked.

After the interview, did you realize that you would qualify for CSS?

In response to the question, Chohan said, “To a large extent you can get an idea of ​​the attitude of the people on the panel and the face readings. I had also guessed from my interview that I would qualify. .

“As for the priority list, my second priority was Pakistan Customs, luckily I have the same group.”

Initially, she gave second priority to the Foreign Service after the Pakistani Administrative Service. “Then later, after pursuing my will and consulting other people, I gave Pakistan Customs Service second priority.”

“Due to the nature of customs work, I made it the second option while the foreign service was the third priority.”

Do you want to give advice or suggestions based on your experience to people who want to do CSS and who are new to it?

“Don’t go into this exam or any other exam thinking it won’t happen to me. It’s very difficult. Always be positive. If you’re determined to do something, yes you will, but you should, you have to work hard for it, you have to struggle.

“If for some reason it is not, there is much more to offer. Don’t give up, the most important thing is to have faith in Allah. Do your best. Success and failure is from Allah.”

“Besides the grace of Allah Almighty, my parents, siblings and close friends have also contributed to my success. They have all encouraged me. Their prayers and inspiration have been very helpful to me. The thing the most positive was the provision of ‘comfort zone’ by his family especially, during his exams Blessings of Allah Almighty, may the prayers of relatives and friends be with me because of all that has was possible.”

Speaking about his daughter’s success, Akhtar Abid Chohan said that he and his family are very happy with Mahrukh’s success. He was 100% sure that Mahrukh would qualify CSS as she had been planning and preparing for the CSS exam since enrolling.

“She also kept graduate school materials that could help her in the exam. Mahrukh passed the competitive examination without wasting a single day after graduation and passed by the grace of Allah.”

Mr. Chohan says he always gave all his children complete freedom to study whatever they wanted. He and his family are proud of their daughter’s remarkable achievement.

According to the data released by the Federal Civil Service Commission, a total of 17240 candidates participated in the CSS 2021 exam. The results were announced in February 2022.

Only 365 candidates passed the written test. While 349 candidates passed the interview. Among them, 218 were men and 131 women. In the end, the commission recommended the appointment of only 207 successful candidates. Among them, 134 are men and 73 are women. The overall percentage of successful candidates was 2.02%.