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Job: Customer Success Specialist (CSS) at Zaph & Zoe – Customer Success Specialist (CSS)

Pitches – Lagos (Ikeja & Ojodu Berger Surroundings)

Summary of position;

The Customer Success Specialist is the second intermediary (after the Marketing and Sales Exec.) between the company and the customers. Communicate customer requests and thoughts (regarding product and service) to everyone in the company and ensure they are understood and acted upon.

The CSS will be responsible for entering into customer agreements with the MSE and properly introducing those customers to the company. The CSS will also be responsible for bringing customers to the business, working closely with the COO and MSE to achieve this.

The CSS must understand that customer satisfaction is key to our vision as a company and will ensure that the customer has a satisfying relationship with the company

organization interface;

The CSS will report directly to the CEO. The Customer Service Specialist will work closely with the Operations Manager to ensure that customer needs are properly communicated to the production team and then to the entire company. The CSS must ensure that this communication is acted upon. Will work closely with the Operations Manager to ensure that errors in shipping documents are avoided.

The CSS will also work closely with the freight forwarder and the shipping companies for good communication between the company, the freight forwarder, the shipping companies and the company.

performance goals;

  • Work closely with customers, get feedback, get familiar with different grades of products and communicate effectively with production team for improvement and maintaining product standard. Significantly reduce all customer complaints in the first 3 months by identifying and eliminating all bottlenecks
  • Ensure that clients are frequently updated on the progress of their work. Must be able to significantly improve customer satisfaction.
  • Understand pricing and the pricing model. Negotiate realistic prices, agreements, etc. which are favorable. Work with the CEO on this.
  • Ensure detailed contracts are in place with all key parties doing business with the company and with customers. Contracts must be recognized by all parties.
  • Keep track of customer details and purchase data. Make sure loyal customers are valued.
  • Respond quickly to new customer requests. Make offers and make sure the parties involved are copied in the communication.
  • Devise an exploitation plan within the first 2 weeks, to put all of the above in check. Present to CEO for commissioning.
  • In charge of preparing all shipping documents and forwarding drafts to the customer before processing the original documents. Liaise with Operations Manager on this matter.
  • Keep records of all necessary documents and information of each client in files
  • Ensure prompt email communication between shipping lines, freight forwarder, company and all parties involved
  • Fully commit to customer acquisition. Bring new customers to the business through multiple means such as cold calling, internet search, b2b websites, etc. (to work with the CEO on this)


The Customer Service Specialist must have at least 1 year of proven customer service experience. Must be good at negotiation. Must be skilled in handling complaints and people. Must be familiar with basic computer platforms such as MS Excel, MS Word, email. Digital marketing skills will be a plus.

The candidate must be extremely observant and have good attention to detail. Excellent communication skills (written and oral) are required. Must be passionate and well organized.

The candidate should strive to understand the company’s vision and be prepared to run with that vision. Must be willing to be relevant and an integral part of the organization.

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