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How to Create HTML and CSS Templates Without Using Coding

When it comes to building static and dynamic websites, the one and only option that people / programmers rely on is HTML and CSS. Front-end developers all over the world spend a huge amount of time creating beautiful websites using coding. This results in a delay in the submission of works and an increase in costs. In addition, many companies hire front-end developers to build websites and web applications, which not only increases the cost for the business, but also increases the reliability of a person to achieve the desired goal.

Many data scientists also find it difficult to develop backend web applications developed. To facilitate this manual task, artificial intelligence has presented itself and helps developers find an alternative and simple solution to achieve the desired goal.

You must be surprised to know that there are arrangements where you have nothing to do and just grab a pencil / pen and draw any sketch you want and that’s it !!!

AI is here to help you with your HTML and CSS parts. So, without wasting a lot of time, let’s jump right into the main AI-based technology that helps developers.

Convert Drawings to HTML Code Using Sketch2Code AI

A new technology under the brand of Microsoft help many people to get desired templates as well as raw html to play and create beautiful websites / webpages easily. This is an amazing platform which is very user-friendly in nature and helps you to develop the front-end in no time.

The technology was built using mainstream AI support with some high-end programming languages. The algorithms behind this technology are so advanced that you just need to sketch your design and the AI ​​will predict the model and give you the code to tweak. There are also many preloaded sketches that you can use for your task and create HTML pages from it.

The working steps for this are exactly as explained above and a hands-on demonstration is given below to help you know the ability of this platform to generate HTML codes:

Step 1: Just type Sketch2Code on any web browser you have on your operating system and you will land on the various options provided by Google or use this Link.

2nd step: It is better to have a Microsoft account linked to your operating system or you can directly start playing with the platform.

Step 3: You can either download drawings that you want to convert to HTML codes or can select the preloaded designs of the portal. When finished, wait for the AI to give you predictions and code.

Step 6: Once you have the code, simply download it and use it to build your own websites / webpages / web apps. Just click on the “Download your HTML code” button.


With the advent of AI in our world, things have become much easier than before. Dependence on people for high-end work is diminishing and this, in turn, brings about a revolution in the culture of work. This Sketch2Code is just a simple example of what AI can do and there are many more examples in different industries that you can explore to learn about the power of AI. Many are reaping the rewards, and the time has come for you. Use this amazing platform to make your task easier and start digging deeper into this world and you will create wonders !!!