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Here’s how CSS Corp cut costs of hiring by 50%, CIO News, ET CIO

Automating the hiring process and the tech support process can help a business in a number of ways. Hiring in large numbers as the business evolves and keeping hiring costs under control can be difficult when done manually. But the solution to this problem lies in modern technology.

CSS Corp solved this problem and was successful in lowering hiring costs by leveraging automation and AI while hiring in large numbers.

“We have doubled our staff in the past, which meant that the number of people we were looking for or the number of resumes we were scanning was even more important. So the question was how to hire these many people with a limited number of people. people in my tech support teams, without exploding the cost of hiring, ”said Rahul Joshi, CTO, CSS Corp.

The company wanted to solve this problem not only by leveraging AI, but also by optimizing processes.

“When you hire someone in an organization, you go through 80 to 100 resumes, select a few and present them to the hiring team. For the last one, you have multiple rounds of interviews. someone in the tech support team is doing it manually, if we had to hire and double our workforce manually, that wouldn’t have been possible, ”he explained.

CSS Corp was not only looking at traditional recruiting, but also had to look at social media and other places where it could find good candidates. To solve this problem, the company had to automate their system and make them learn over time.

“Let’s say A is a potential recruit from CSS Corp. So A will see an ad on his LinkedIn page. Clicking on it will see an automated test quiz. Based on A’s responses in the quiz, we will identify whether he is the right person or not. If he passes this automated test, he will be notified to go and attend the next round of interviews. ”he said

“If A is hired for a voice process, he will have to take a voice test. The system has been automated to tell if A will qualify for B2 in English etc. A similar benchmarking has been done with automation and AI And the final interview will be face to face, “he added.

Since the system can be used and some tricks can be used to qualify the first automated laps, the company has put in place another mechanism to prevent this.

“We do the automated testing and score matching because we know the system can be used. You can tell you are a full-stack developer, but in the test you might have scored 10 out of 100. So the system now knows that you cannot fit the profile. We have those kind of checks and balances that are kept in mind when we design the systems so that we don’t have any bias, ”he explained.

The majority of hiring in CSS Corp is done by analyzing resumes that circulate through the system through various sources. To browse these CVs, the company has developed a cognitive search integrated into the internal system that identifies the right candidate. CSS Corp calls this system TAMS (Talent Acquisition Management System).

TAMS identifies the right resumes that are entering systems and matches them with resource requirements, then presents the top 10 resumes that the team can look up and call for interviews. This is done with Microsoft’s cognitive search and integration with other backend systems.

“The cost of hiring post-covid has become in half compared to pre-covid. I don’t need so many people to scan and browse CVs. Based on the information provided and smart learning system, the efficiency has increased so we have the ability to expand that over time, ”he concluded.