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DVIDS – News – CSS welcomes Stockton and bids farewell to Troy during change of command

NEWPORT RI – The Center for Service Support (CSS) hosted a change of command ceremony at Naval Base (NAVSTA) Newport on July 28.

Captain Robert T. Stockton relieved Captain Milton W. Troy III as the CSS Commanding Officer. Troy had been the CO since May 2019.

Although based at NAVSTA Newport, CSS is the echelon commander of the Naval Music School, Naval Technical Training Center (NTTC), Naval Service Support Advanced Training Command (NSSATC) and the Naval Supply Corps School (NSCS) with 15 fleet-wide combined learning sites.
With a staff of more than 400 professional instructors and educators around the world, CSS provides sailors with naval administration, command support program management, logistics, maintenance coordination, media and of security management the professional skills, knowledge and education necessary to support the wartime mission fleet. CSS also develops and delivers soft skills training that promotes personal and professional growth and development.

During his tour, Troy guided CSS through convening 2,172 classes and enrolling 110,000 students in various Navy e-learning courses, which resulted in the graduation of 129,000 sailors ready for the fleet. He has also worked with key stakeholders from US Fleet Forces Command, US Pacific Fleet, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations and other senior staffs to lead major programs such as Culture of Excellence, Task Force One Navy and Warrior Toughness. He also proactively engaged fleet and policy stakeholders to ensure that the recommendations of the Navy’s Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) final report were actionable, sustainable and sustainable in setting the pace of battle and setting implementation plans and milestones, advancing the mission of inclusion and diversity. through training with industry opportunities for Retail Specialist Scoring and launching a comprehensive review and outdated training update to ensure the needs of all mariners are satisfied.

“Shortly after I arrive here, I ask you to do four things: build, organize, learn and deliver,” Troy said. “I never imagined you would take that bugle call and take it to the next level. We are better than we have ever been in the history of our Navy because the CSS is strategically positioned to shape the culture of the Navy for years to come, and you will continue to do so not because of the ‘money or tools, but because of the resources, which are each of you.

Before being relieved of his command, Troy told attendees that he appreciated the time spent with the CSS team during his tour.

“Personally, getting to know each of you warms my heart,” Troy said. “Whether you wear the uniform or not, I would consider you to be my dearest flight companions in life. Just the memories, I’ll be forever dear to me.

Troy, a native of Mullins, SC, will report to Naval Sea Systems Command at the Washington Navy Yard where he will serve as Chief of Staff. A 1995 graduate of the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps program at Morehouse College in Atlanta, a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, he served as the Disbursements / Sales and Food Services Officer aboard the USS Normandy (CG 60), supply officer aboard USS Spruance (DD 963), the Kuwaiti Navy Naval Logistics Advisor to the Kuwait-Military Cooperation Officer and an individual augmentation to the Joint Composite Squadron CREW One . His last operational posting was the Commander of the Expeditionary Explosive Ordnance Disposal Support Unit TWO.

Ashore, his duties include the duties of instructor at the NSCS, director of nuclear resource management and deputy director of customer value management departments at the naval inventory control point, fleet services officer and responsible for the financial improvement and audit preparation team. in the US Fleet Forces Command, Executive Assistant to the Commander of Naval Supply Systems Command and the 47th Supply Corps Chief, Director of the Internal Review and Assessment Division and Chief of Staff of the Office of the Under Secretary naval deputy (financial operations) and commander of the NSATC. He also received an MA from the University of Georgia and the US Naval War College.

Stockton reports to CSS on his previous tour as Director of the Directorate of Human Resources / Manning and Civilian Human Resources Total Force (L1) for NETC. A former enlisted cryptologist and surface warfare officer, Stockton is currently a human resources officer and a graduate of the University of Jacksonville and the Naval Postgraduate School with a Master of Science in Workforce Systems Analysis. He is also certified as a human resources professional.

He served aboard USS Heron (MHC 52) and USS Carney (DDG 64). His shore tours include service with the Mayport Afloat Training Group, Military Personnel Plans and Policy Division (N13) staff, the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, the US Naval Forces Central Command in Iraq, the Executive Officer of the United States Navy Element at US Southern Command; the Human Resources and Personnel Officer / Restricted Line Officer at Naval Personnel Command; and the Commander of NTTC Meridian, Mississippi.

The CSS reports to the NETC, headed by Rear Admiral Peter Garvin. NETC is the backbone of US Navy force development and the largest command on land. Through its “street-to-fleet” orientation, NETC recruits civilians and transforms them into skilled combatants ready to meet the current and future needs of the US Navy. ”

For more information on CSS, visit https://www.netc.navy.mil/CSS.

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