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CSS Swartz’s interim baseball head coach is making strides in his first season at the helm

Swartz replaced John Baggs and Corey Kemp, with Swartz eager to use what he learned and improve on it this season.

“Each coach looks at things from a different perspective and takes the things they really appreciate about the coaches they’ve had the opportunity to coach with in the past. Maintains those systems, those practices, and seeks to s “pressing on those things. For us, it’s always going to be about our values, we’re always looking for new ways and creative ways to improve ourselves individually and collectively,” said head coach Swartz.

Having their first Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC) games under their belt this past weekend, the Saints are ready to get into the full swing of the season, with their home opener this weekend.

“It seems like a much better competition. I definitely noticed that even in our first game, the guys we play against are better. It seems like most of our games, we’ll have to show up, we have to play our best ball so I’m super excited to play, can’t say much about the senior year but I’ve been looking forward to it for four years,” CSS senior Cody Venske added.

The Saints will host Bethel for an MIAC doubleheader on Saturday afternoon at Wade Stadium.