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CSS Corp to Hire 1,300 Campus People, Plans IPO by 2023

CSS Corp plans to hire approximately 1,300 people in India across various campuses over the coming year, in line with the strong growth momentum experienced by the customer experience and technology services provider, its chief executive said. Sunil Mittal.

The company, which has around 6,000 employees in India, is also considering an IPO in late 2023 as a stand-alone business.

Talk to PTICSS Corp CEO Sunil Mittal said the company recently passed the 10,000-employee mark globally and India accounts for a significant portion of its workforce.

“We have doubled our workforce in 2.5 years … Out of 10,000 people, we have about 6,000 in India. Costa Rica now has almost 1,000 people and will grow to 1,500 next year. We are well placed to double the (overall) workforce again in three years, “he added.

Mittal noted that the company plans to hire 3,000 employees worldwide this year, of which 1,800 have already been added.

Speaking about campus hiring, the executive said the company plans to hire 1,300 in India as part of its campus recruiting program.

The CSS Corp C2C (Campus to Career) program has been launched which will engage students / engineers while they are in college through paid internships. In addition, it will allow them to take specific in-depth courses required while working with clients.

“We have also invested in cloud labs for students to receive hands-on training on different programs / products. A lot of the focus is on how we get the right talent into the system, how to retain them and how to mentor them. We are quite confident in our ability to maintain this type of growth path over the next few quarters, ”he said.

CSS Corp is also undertaking an initiative to hire 100 former Armed Forces personnel in India. Mittal pointed out that there is a particular focus on increasing the rate of women across the company, and that the company wants to increase the rate of women among staff from 36% currently to 50% over the course of the next two years.

The executive said the company grew 25 percent in FY21 and expects to do better than in FY 22 and is well positioned to growth in the years to come. “… we have enough bookings and contracts signed, which gives us confidence that we can continue this momentum in the coming quarters … We will end this year at an annual rate of approximately $ 225 million” , he added.

In February of this year, Capital Square Partners (CSP) – a Singapore-based private equity fund manager and majority shareholder of Startek – acquired a controlling stake in CSS. At that time, Startek – which competes with CSS Corp – said it participated in this transaction by contributing a total of US $ 30 million in a limited partnership managed by CSP to acquire both an indirect beneficial interest in ‘approximately 26% in CSS, as well as an option to acquire a majority stake.

When asked if the company is considering an IPO, Mittal said the company plans to go public in late 2023 as a stand-alone business.

He added that while it’s too early to talk about the size of the offering, the company hopes to reach around $ 350 million to $ 400 million from a prominent perspective by the time it goes public.