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CSS Corp service levels improve by up to 50%. Read how, CIO News, ET CIO

Whether working from home or the office, measuring productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction is a task for any business. Tying customer growth to employee growth is another difficult task. CSS Corp, however, seems to have it all figured out.

In conversation with ETCIO, Rahul Joshi, CTO, CSS Corp, provides an overview of an innovative in-house developed business solution that has helped the company improve service levels by up to 50%.

“We have built an enterprise information system that we call ‘Coeus’. Coeus is known as the god of the intellect. This platform manages the performance of nearly 3,500 agents and provides visibility not only to operations managers, but also CXOs. We have integrated over 25 matrices, deployed over 100 business rules, some custom for certain accounts and others generic. We analyze nearly a million contacts per month, “said Joshi.

CSS Corp now integrates any new engagement on this platform as soon as it goes into operational mode. “It’s been in place for about 12 to 15 months now,” he said.

“Coeus has helped us increase productivity levels by 25%. This had the biggest impact on our service delivery, which has since grown to 50%. We realized that customer satisfaction would only come with employee satisfaction. efficiency and satisfaction were important, ”he added.

Joshi believes the increase in productivity is due to the feedback the team is able to give on Coeus. An employee is measured against their team, their deliverables and their professional growth.

“An engineer would typically be measured against the performance of X and Y. We don’t do that. Let’s say I’m on Team A and this team is supposed to provide 80% customer metric. So I’ll be measured by report to team performance and client performance. And if I am out of range of team performance, good or bad, it will be flagged and coaching interventions will automatically be created within the ecosystem training, ”he explained.

There are various parameters that CSS Corp takes into account whenever it gives feedback to employees. The first is KPIs and a few other skills. For example, for a contact center agent, it depends on their CSAT, their first call resolution, their communication skills, the number of trainings they have taken, their experience in the team and the quality of its documentation. It all helps to create an agent character.

Based on score, feedback and personality, managers can further deploy employees on a project or mission that matches their skills and personality.

Joshi mentioned that these initiatives have also helped the company engage with employees in meaningful, data-driven ways so that they can have separate conversations.

“We now have enough data within the Coeus platform to predict performance. So today I can sit down and ask Coeus if I can match the numbers for June with July, and Coeus me. will say if I can play and match the numbers. This answer will be provided with a confidence of 80 to 85%. For an individual, this can also tell the manager if he will be able to compose the KPIs that constitute his performance “, a- he concluded.