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CSS Corp Ranks 6th Globally In HFS Search For Top Digital Associate Services Companies

Bangalore, Karnataka, India:
CSS Corp, a next-generation IT services and technology support company announced today that it has been awarded the 6e ranked worldwide in the Digital Associates Services Global Top 10 study by HFS Research and 5e rank in voice of the customer category. This report assessed the industry’s top service providers to see how well they are helping their clients adopt and achieve results by deploying technology-driven digital associate solutions across a wide range of business and IT functions.

CSS Corp’s cognitive solutions have evolved from process bots to the next generation of digital collaborators. These digital colleagues or digital associates infuse intelligence into the entire operational ecosystem, driving intelligent automation while strengthening and increasing the capabilities of human workers in business functions such as customer service, technical support, IT, human resources, etc. This leads to better strategic business results and improves the overall stakeholder experience. HFS Research recognized CSS Corp for showcasing differentiated use cases based on proprietary solutions such as its Customer Experience Transformation Platform for Contact Center Operations and its Advanced AIOps Platform, Contelli for IT and infrastructure operations.

Commenting on the recognition, Manish Tandon, CEO, CSS Corp noted, “The current global crisis has exposed the fragility of a siled approach to digital transformation attempted through autonomous AI and automation initiatives. Businesses around the world have realized the need to break down organizational silos and integrate technology into all business functions to complement people and processes with shared information and insight. CSS Corp’s cognitive solutions are more than showcases of cutting-edge innovation, because they solve real business problems and drive tangible results in our clients’ businesses. We’re incredibly proud to be the only mid-sized service provider in HFS Digital Associates’ Top 10 Services list. It motivates us to keep pushing the boundaries with world-class services and pioneering digital solutions.. “

CSS Corp has dramatically and steadily improved its capabilities for greater conversational sophistication and to drive business results for clients across a wider range of service capabilities. The company showcased a few differentiated use cases featuring a emerging technology, in particular for its capabilities to integrate augmented and virtual reality This, combined with good ratings from referral customers, has resulted in CSS Corp being ranked 5th for voice of the customer and 6th in our ranking ” , said Melissa O’Brien, Vice President of Research at HFS Research.

The HFS Top 10 Digital Associates Services report assesses 17 reputable service providers based on how each of them performs on a defined set of execution, innovation and customer voice criteria, showcasing global leaders and 10 best by sub-category.

About CSS Corp

CSS Corp is a new era IT services and technology support company that harnesses the power of AI, automation, analytics, cloud and digital to meet customer needs. The company partners with leading companies to help them achieve their strategic business results. Its team of more than 8,000 technology and business services professionals in 18 locations worldwide are passionate about helping customers differentiate themselves and succeed.


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About HFS Research

HFS’s mission is to provide visionary insight into major innovations impacting business operations, including automation, artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital business models, and intelligent analytics. They focus on the future of operations in key sectors. They influence the strategies of client companies to develop operational backbones to remain competitive and partner with competent service providers, technology providers and third-party advisors.


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