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CSS Corp Launches CSS EDISON ™, A Cloud-Based Digital Customer Experience Transformation Platform

Bangalore, Karnataka, India:
CSS Society, a global provider of customer experience and technology consulting services, today announced the launch of CSS EDISON ™, a cloud-based intelligent customer experience (CX) transformation platform for the accelerated digitization of customer ecosystems. end-to-end technology and CX support. The AI-first platform fosters a superior customer and employee experience through a unique combination of smart, easy-to-deploy modules, top-notch professional services, and results-driven business models. It has evolved over the past 6 years infusing the learnings of over 50 clients in the B2B and B2C space and bringing the industry’s best solutions, AI / ML algorithms with an industry specific context.

Modern customer service and support ecosystems have many moving elements, ranging from customer engagement applications and routing systems to CRMs and workforce optimization solutions. The CSS EDISON ™ platform enables global leaders in CX and technology support in B2B and B2C organizations to align this complex ecosystem with a web of data and achieve their most critical business goals. The end-to-end technology platform consists of 14 powerful modules to unite and transform four core components of support: channelless customer engagement, intelligence and insights powered by microdata, employee amplification, and planning and operations. smart. It also allows customers to quickly move their support center to the cloud with built-in Amazon Connect capability. The platform enables organizations to gain full visibility into the customer journey and drive exceptional experiences across the customer lifecycle, from customer acquisition to customer service, technical support, loyalty and renewals, while reducing costs.

CSS EDISON ™ is unique compared to other CX platforms and products on the market, as it is one of the few platforms offered with a practical consumption-based model, thus minimizing the initial investment and allowing customers to pay only for the features they use. . Its unique federated architecture makes it a highly customizable platform that is easy to configure to run in any customer environment. With a strong team of experts and professionals to ensure smooth integration and adoption, CSS Corp partners with clients to deliver results as a single channel for the delivery of technology and services.

Sunil Mittal, CEO of CSS Corp, noted, “Keeping the right balance between human and digital contact for customers is an emerging challenge for organizations to improve the customer experience. We’ve taken a data-centric approach to understand customer personalities and respond to those nuances by delivering seamless experiences throughout their customer journeys while maximizing the efficiency of their support processes. I’m excited to introduce CSS EDISON ™, our flagship CX transformation platform built with the expertise of CSS Corp and over two decades of experience managing complex CX and technology support ecosystems. It is designed to create value between stakeholders, generate premium experiences for customers and employees, and ensure business results for organizations. “

CSS EDISON ™ deployments have already received rave reviews from industry analysts, won prestigious awards and received positive customer reviews for being a comprehensive, results-driven solution. Recently, HFS Research ranked CSS Corp as the 6th worldwide and # 1 support service provider for CSS EDISON ™ digital associate capability.

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CSS Corp is a global provider of technology services and customer experience, disrupting the industry with a unique intersection of leading proprietary solutions, resilient operations and innovative business engagement models. The company is a partner of choice for the digital transformation of its customers, which include the world’s leading innovators in all sectors, from mid-market players to large corporations. Its diverse team of more than 10,000 customer-centric thinkers, collaborators and co-creators in 19 global locations are passionate about helping customers succeed through intelligent automation-driven results. The company has weathered macroeconomic headwinds to become the industry’s fastest growing and most award-winning company in its revenue line.

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