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CSS Corp and Conversica Partner to Drive Innovation in Conversation Automation and Help Businesses Unlock New Revenue Streams

CSS Corp, a global provider of CX and technology services, and Conversica, the leading provider of conversation automation solutions for enterprise revenue teams, announced a strategic partnership to help companies improve their customer experiences and generate new sources of income.

This partnership will drive AI innovation in the industry by leveraging Conversica’s industry-recognized conversation automation solutions and CSS Corp’s expertise in integrating, implementation and development of next-generation value propositions for customers.

With over two decades of experience delivering innovative CX solutions and services and delivering unique business engagement models, CSS Corp has been driving the business success of businesses of all sizes. Conversica’s portfolio of AI-powered conversation automation solutions empower revenue teams to attract, acquire and grow customers at scale. CSS Corp‘s domain expertise and market reach, combined with Conversica’s unique conversational AI capabilities, driving higher quality engagement, faster lead qualification and improved conversation, will transform the way businesses optimize, automate and accelerate revenue generation and customer retention.

“Contextual and consistent communication with customers at scale is essential for better loyalty and accelerated revenue growth. In a digital world, where customer experience matters most, conversational AI plays a crucial role in better engaging with customers by automating business operations, generating in-depth customer insights and providing contextual responses. We are excited about this partnership as it offers specialized industry-specific virtual sales skills for better lead conversion, bringing significant improvement in revenue growth team productivity for clients,” said Ajay Tyagi, executive vice president, CSS Corp.

“Today’s customers demand and expect fast, personalized and consistent communications, from their first interaction to a long-term relationship with a brand. Meeting these expectations, for every lead and every account, can overwhelm even the most customer-obsessed revenue teams. In collaboration with CSS Corp, our conversation automation solutions deliver a helping hand, automating two-way conversations at scale for 100% prospect and customer coverage. With AI increasing the engagement capacity of marketing, sales, and customer success teams, our customer mutual companies can increase customer satisfaction and uncover opportunities for new business, relationship expansion, and revenue growth.” , said Mark Jancola, director of development, Conversica.

This partnership will leverage the resources, technologies, expertise and market presence of both companies, allowing the companies to leverage their complementary strengths and customer bases. Together, the companies will also develop and execute joint sales and marketing activities aligned with the strategic objectives of both companies.

About CSS Corp

CSS Corp is a global, industry-disrupting provider of customer experience services and technology with a unique intersection of industry-leading proprietary solutions, resilient operations and innovative business engagement models. The company is a digital transformation partner of choice for its customers, who include the world’s top innovators across all industries, from mid-market players to large enterprises. Its diverse team of more than 11,500 customer-centric thinkers, collaborators, and co-creators across 20 locations worldwide are passionate about helping customers succeed through intelligent, automation-driven results.

To learn more, please visit https://www.csscorp.com

About Converseca

Conversica is a leading provider of conversational automation solutions, focused solely on revenue growth. Conversica helps enterprise marketing, sales, and customer success teams attract, acquire, and grow customers at scale across the customer revenue lifecycle. Conversica AI assistants serve as members of the digital team and autonomously engage prospects, existing customers, or partners in two-way, human-like interactions at scale to drive to the next best action, whether schedule a sales meeting or gauge interest in purchasing more products or services.

Processing more than a billion interactions, the Conversica Conversational Automation platform integrates natural language processing (NLU and NLG), decision and policy management, business process automation, and deep learning capabilities to drive customer engagement across multiple digital communication channels and languages. The Conversica platform supports over 50 integrations into the most popular MAP and CRM platforms and offers an open API for custom integration.

For more information, visit conversica.com