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Child Support Services (CSS) of Kings County, California partners with GreenCourt

Children’s Support Services (CSS) of Kings County, California has selected GreenCourt Legal Technologies, LLC (GreenCourt) as an integral partner in promoting a brighter future for children in California.

GreenCourt will deploy GovLink, the industry’s first Agency Performance Platform™, in the second half of 2022 and CSS will take full advantage of GovLink from 2023. CSS case workers and lawyers will immediately save time and thus increase the efficiency of their work. GovLink’s legal document management tools and helpful workflow.

“One of our core values ​​is innovation, to maximize the use of technology to transform and elevate the curriculum,” said Marie Waite, director of Kings County Child Support Services. “GreenCourt created GovLink to transform child support programs, which for Kings County CSS means increasing our operational efficiency. Our goal is to achieve the highest levels of quality and service.

Child support service agencies often file more legal documents in a given jurisdiction than any other organization or private law firm. The act of establishing and obtaining financial support for children depends on the accuracy of legal documents and their timely delivery to the court. When the court rejects a legal document, the process becomes bogged down and children in need are deprived of vital financial support.

Waite added, “Kings CSS will adopt GovLink to alleviate friction in two operational areas. First, the production of legal documents – petitions, motions and other documents asking for help for children and families in our community. Second, the review and approval of these documents by our child support professionals and lawyers – an ever-changing challenge in an age of public health concerns and remote working.

“Compiling legal documents correctly and completely and complying with court delivery requirements may seem simple, but the job is far from easy,” said Jay Bland, Chief Growth Officer of GreenCourt. “We created GovLink to help child support agencies defy gravity. GovLink is a proven way to reduce rejection rates. Caseworkers no longer have to perform complex paperwork gym routines of retyping information, printing it out and scanning it. Lawyers no longer have to coordinate time spent in the office just to sign paper documents. With the click of a mouse, a case worker can fill in blanks, rearrange pages, rearrange documents, and route a digital envelope to an attorney for review. Then, a lawyer can review, edit and electronically sign these documents before submitting the envelope to the court for approval.

About GreenCourt Legal Technologies and GovLink

GreenCourt Legal Technologies, LLC, headquartered in Carrollton, Georgia, leads digital transformation for state agencies, justice partners, private sector professionals and the general public. GreenCourt helps these stakeholders move from high-risk situations involving paper records, in-person information sharing, and manual data entry to reliable, safe, and efficient operations. GreenCourt management has been designing, implementing and supporting critical software and interoperability systems for over fifteen years in the banking, healthcare and legal industries. For more details, visit us on the web at http://www.greencourt.com, or via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, or call 770-834-FILE.

About Kings County Child Support Services

The mission of Kings County, California Child Support Services is to promote a brighter future for children by helping families provide ongoing financial and medical support. The ministry’s vision is to meet the changing needs of the community by improving access to programs that have a positive impact on families. To learn more, please visit http://www.countyofkings.com/departments/child-support-services.

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