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Atal Dulloo reviews CAPEX, CSS, NABARD of agriculture and related sectors

Additional Chief Secretary (ACS), Agricultural Production Department (APD), Atal Dulloo chaired a meeting today to review the physical achievements of agriculture and related sectors under CAPEX, centrally sponsored schemes ( CSS) and NABARD.Director General Command Area Development Jammu, Management Director Agro Industries Development Corporation Limited, Director Sericulture J&K, Director Agriculture Kashmir/Jammu, Director Command Area Development Kashmir, Director Finance/Planning APD, representatives of SKUAST and other relevant persons attended the meeting in person and virtually. Agriculture Kashmir made a presentation on the approved expenditure plan under the CAPEX budget of agriculture and allied departments for the year 2022-23.

The meeting was informed that out of the approved expenditure of Rs 135.56 crore, Rs 54.23 crore has even been released for eight departments related to the agricultural sector. The ACS discussed the judicious distribution of subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery, equipment, etc. Kashmir and Jammu. Similarly, during the meeting, it was announced that Rs 30.43 crore has been approved for seed/seedling and area expansion under CAPEX. The meeting also held a threadbare discussion on the main objectives and achievements for the year 2022-23 under CAPEX. In addition, the meeting had a detailed overview of components regarding diversification, quality control, agricultural machinery, soil health management, farmer welfare programs, marketing, protected cultivation and cumulative achievements under these subheadings.

The meeting was also briefed on the budgetary expenditure of the Sericulture Department, which comprises Rs 9.74 crore, of which Rs 3 crore was released for the year 2022-23 under CAPEX. He also discussed the expenditure endorsed from Agro Industries Development Corporation Limited, Jammu/Kashmir Zone Development Command, SKAUST-Kashmir/Jammu and release of funds and physical achievements under CAPEX budget. Additionally, ACS was notified of approved expenditures under various CSS including RKVY, NMSA, NEGA, PMFBY, NMAET, NFSM, PMKSY, Silk Samara and Bamboo Mission. It has been reported that an approved expenditure of Rs 696.38 crore has been approved. The meeting gave a detailed overview in addition to the physical achievements of all eight allied agriculture sectors under CSS.

Later, the meeting held a threadbare discussion of expenditures approved under NABARD and funds released. While summing up the meeting, Dulloo asked the officers involved to focus more on accomplishments and said that all targets and physical accomplishments must be met within the time frame. He requested SKAUST to consult with all stakeholders such as the Kisan Advisory Board and relevant leaders in research and development projects. He requested the concerned leads to submit all CUs and activate the Nodal Agents for new proposals to be sent to the Government of India within a week to submit all pending CUs and requested the concerned to vigorously pursue the NABARD projects .

Meanwhile, in another meeting, the ACS reviewed the progress of physical achievements under the CAPEX, CSS and NABARD of the Department of Animal Husbandry and Sheep Fisheries. meeting in person and via video conference from Jammu. The meeting discussed in detail different SSCs like Rashtriya Gokul Mission, Assistance to States for Animal Disease Control Schemes 2022 2, National Animal Disease Control (NADC) Program Annual Action Plan, foot-and-mouth disease, mobile veterinary units, NLM, etc.