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DVIDS – News – CSS welcomes Stockton and bids farewell to Troy during change of command

NEWPORT RI – The Center for Service Support (CSS) hosted a change of command ceremony at Naval Base (NAVSTA) Newport on July 28. Captain Robert T. Stockton relieved Captain Milton W. Troy III as the CSS Commanding Officer. Troy had been the CO since May 2019. Although based at NAVSTA Newport, CSS is the echelon […]

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Here’s how CSS Corp cut costs of hiring by 50%, CIO News, ET CIO

Automating the hiring process and the tech support process can help a business in a number of ways. Hiring in large numbers as the business evolves and keeping hiring costs under control can be difficult when done manually. But the solution to this problem lies in modern technology. CSS Corp solved this problem and was […]

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Semiconductor wafer producer SK Siltron CSS to invest $300 million in US to strengthen electric vehicle supply chain – TechCrunch

The United States has lagged behind China and Europe in the production and adoption of electric vehicles, particularly from 2017 to 2020, according to a study by the International Council on Clean Transportation. However, an important piece of the puzzle in which the United States has supremacy is the production of semiconductors, which are used […]

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SK Siltron CSS Announces $ 300 Million Michigan Expansion to Support Electric Vehicle Growth

SK Siltron CSS manufactures a special silicon carbide (SiC) wafer that can be used in solid-state power components in electric vehicles. SiC wafers are more efficient at handling high power and conducting heat than normal silicon. When used in EV system components, this feature can allow a more efficient transfer of electricity from the battery […]

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CSS Corp service levels improve by up to 50%. Read how, CIO News, ET CIO

Whether working from home or the office, measuring productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction is a task for any business. Tying customer growth to employee growth is another difficult task. CSS Corp, however, seems to have it all figured out. In conversation with ETCIO, Rahul Joshi, CTO, CSS Corp, provides an overview of an innovative in-house […]

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Morgan Stanley Private Credit and Onex Falcon Complete Investment in CSS Corp

NEW YORK–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Morgan Stanley Private Credit and Onex Falcon recently announced the completion of their investment in CSS Corp, a global provider of technology services and customer experience. The investment includes both mezzanine financing and equity investment. In addition, Morgan Stanley Private Credit and Onex Falcon will sit on the company’s board of […]