Css style

How to wrap text on a new line in CSS

Large chunks of text breaking the style or layout of your website? Here’s how to wrap text with CSS. Long texts can seem out of hand when designing a web. But they can also be inevitable, and sometimes they end up crossing borders. This can create a loose Document Object Model (DOM) with unnecessary overflow […]

Css style

How to use before and after pseudo-elements in CSS

Pseudo-elements are one of the most advanced selectors available for use in CSS. The main purpose of these selectors is to create a unique style, without altering the HTML document used to create the basic structure of a given web page. Here’s how to use pseudo-elements in CSS. Common pseudo-elements There is a long list […]

Css media

How to use multimedia queries in HTML and CSS to create responsive websites

If you want to develop websites / web applications then knowing how to create responsive designs is essential to your success. In the past, creating websites that adjusted well to different screen sizes was a luxury that website owners had to ask of a developer. However, the increase in the use of smartphones and tablets […]

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Startek acquires 26% stake in CSS Corp for $ 30 million

Bombay: NYSE-listed Startek BPM, which had merged with Indian firm BPO, invested $ 30 million in IT services firm CSS Corp in a limited partnership managed by Startek’s majority shareholder, Capital Square Partners. Startek will acquire 26% indirect beneficial interest in CSS. He will also have the possibility of acquiring a majority stake in the […]

Css style

Get started with CSS image effects

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a scripting language that allows web developers to specify the layout and design of website elements. It is commonly used in combination with HTML, XHTML and JavaScript. In this article, I’ll show how CSS can be used to manipulate and style images. I will cover some simple CSS image effects […]