Prohibited banking: is it possible to obtain personal credit?

When a borrower is prohibited from banking, he should be aware that the possibilities of acceptance of a credit request by a financial institution are limited. The first priority must be to regularize its situation vis-à-vis the lending organizations. In this situation, what are the solutions for obtaining personal credit?


What is a banking ban?

banking ban?

A customer becomes prohibited from banking as soon as the bank refuses to honor several checks because his account is unpredictable on the day of their cashing. In this case, he will no longer be able to use a means of payment because he will have to return it to his banker.

In the event of over-indebtedness, the client will no longer be able to make a bank payment act. In addition, the law requires the bank to maintain its deposit account receiving the income for the duration of the procedure. Finally, it will be recorded and filed in the central file of the Lite Lenders Bank and in each financial institution.

A person in a prohibited banking situation is however entitled to a minimum service: withdrawal or payment card with systematic authorization, possibility of making transfers, obtaining a bank details. The banking ban applies to all accounts opened in his name, including joint accounts. You have to wait 5 years to be removed from the central file of unpaid checks and the payment incident file (FICP).


Personal loan for banking prohibitions: what are the solutions?

Personal loan

A personal credit can be granted to the borrower who owns real estate and who agrees to put it as collateral. Indeed, in this case, the bank will be less reluctant because reassured about the ability to repay its client.

If the borrower is a tenant, unless you can justify important guarantees such as an inheritance, buying back credit can be difficult. Namely, that this operation can make it possible to obtain an additional sum chosen according to the needs of the borrower.

It can be used to finance a new project. An organization specializing in credit repurchase then analyzes its financial situation and helps it to find the loan most suited to its situation.

To benefit from a personal credit while being prohibited from banking, it is also possible to rely on the expertise of a banking intermediary. This professional uses his network of partners to find the best offers on the market.