Credit repurchase without supporting documents

Many of you reading this are probably interested in borrowing credit instead of borrowing with a regular SMS loan or fast loan. There are many different benefits of a credit loan and that is exactly what we are going through today. Let’s start by looking at what a credit loan really is.

Can a loan buyback be granted without supporting documents? On simple request for online study? Here are the answers.


Redemption of credits without supporting documents: presentation

credits loan

A grouping of loans is a banking operation making it possible to reduce its monthly payments by combining several loans into one. The lender will reimburse the household debts and offer him a new credit agreement including new repayment terms: rescheduled duration, new rate and smaller monthly payment.

This financing allows you to start on a good basis and can be set up quickly, depending on the responsiveness of the borrower who requests it.


Repurchase of loans without supporting documents: implementation

Repurchase loans without supporting documents: implementation

A repurchase of credit requires carrying out a feasibility study, for this the borrower must establish a request for grouping of credits online by validating the form. At this stage, no supporting documents are requested, it is a simple declaration on the honor of the borrower on his financial situation, that is to say his income, his loans, his charges, etc.

An adviser then proceeds, upon receipt of the request, to a feasibility study based on the information entered in the form. He can then announce to the borrower the estimated amount of his future monthly payment.


Financing a loan buyback: supporting documents

Financing loan buyback: supporting documents

If the supporting documents are not necessary for the feasibility study, they are necessary for the examination of the file and its financing. The borrower must therefore provide a list of documents to justify his situation with the lender.

To date, no lender accepts to finance a grouping of credits without supporting documents, they have a duty of advice vis-à-vis households and cannot do without these documents to best advise the client. The list of documents is not very large; it will only take the borrower a few minutes to collect everything. In addition, the costs of postal items are generally borne by the body responsible for the study.