Bad credit bureau loan is not difficult to find.

Credit intermediaries in particular are promoting this special loan. The contribution deals with what to look for in a loan without Credit Bureau and how to avoid pitfalls.

Bad Credit Bureau credit – not an ordinary loan request

Bad Credit Bureau credit - not an ordinary loan request

Around 8.7 percent of all German citizens have one or more negative entries in Credit Bureau, which means that the target group for bad Credit Bureau loans is around 615,000 adults. Despite the high demand, it is not uncritical to deal with the offers from the Internet. A large number of those affected not only have a problem with Credit Bureau, they are also among the 15.6 percent of all Germans who are at risk of poverty.

The credit despite a negative Credit Bureau, the advertising flood must not hide this, is not possible for everyone. The offers are tailored to people who can afford a loan based on their financial situation. To do this, the income must be significantly above the seizure allowance. There are also special requirements for the type of employment.

Serious loans without Credit Bureau are only granted to employees with permanent contracts. The alternative can be a solvent guarantor or an unencumbered property security. Repayment security, linked to international contracts, is a top priority, even for commercial risk loans. With a list of unpaid entries or even from bankruptcy, serious loan offers are not to be expected.

Detect dubious credit providers

Detect dubious credit providers

It is difficult to distinguish dubious credit advertising from a serious offer. The bad Credit Bureau loan is advertised in the same words. Desperate people are particularly at risk of falling for dubious loan offers. They have often tried their luck with various large credit brokers and have been rejected. Anyone who has come to this point should accept that there is no credit facility from commercial sources.

Since 2010, most of the reputable credit offers without Credit Bureau have been Best Lender from Lichtenstein. Your business model complies with Bafin’s international rules for commercial lending. Possible loan amounts are $ 3,500 and $ 5,000. The loan term is generally 40 months. The effective annual interest rate amounts to 11.62 percent with a loan amount of 3,500 USD. An effective interest rate of 11.61 percent is payable for 5,000 USD.

Credit without Credit Bureau was rejected – what options remain?

Credit without Credit Bureau was rejected - what options remain?

If Best Bank rejects the loan request, then no reputable credit broker can help. Often there are only offers that try to take advantage of the emergency.

A credit application will only be sent cash on delivery. The method of fraud to ask for a call back on an expensive service number is also popular. Another model of fraud is the pretense that a change of provider in the salary account or the conclusion of a savings contract could improve the credit opportunities. If you as a customer do not want to lose your money, you immediately distance yourself from these offers.

One last guaranteed serious possibility for the bad Credit Bureau loan, next to the pawnshop, which still remains. It is the private loan through one of the major portals. Here, too, the credit opportunities are limited, but at least trying to borrow is free.